33. ILCA 7 ja ILCA 6 Finnish Masters championships

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  • Nagu Guest Harbour • Nauvon vierasvenestama • Nagu Gästhamn

Nagu Segelsällskap invites you to Nagu 27th-28th of July 2024


Please book your accommodation asap! Due to other events there are only a limited number of rooms available within walking distance from the Race Office. Gammelgård Resort still has good availability (as of Friday 7th of June). Transportation (distance ca. 2 km) can be arranged. General accommodation info below.

For ILCA Masters sailors that can not find accommodation, there is also a possibility to rent a centrally located room privately. Bring your own linens. Please call: Bjarne Ölander (0400 224 001)



The Race office is open on Friday 26th July at 18-21 pm and on Saturday 27th 27th July from 8 am. 
Skipper meeting will be held outside the race office on Saturday at 10:15. We target to complete 6 races, 3 races each day. 
Warning signal for the first race at 11:55. 
After the races showers and sauna is available. Regatta dinner starts at 19:00 with daily first prices ceremony and social programme. 
On Sunday the warning signal for the first race is at 10:55.


Right to participate

Sailors born no later than 27.7.1994 may participate. Note that Apprentice–age group starts at 30 years of age. For other age-groups the sailor must reach the lower age limit during the year 2024.


Classes and categories (age groups):

ILCA 7 (Standard): Apprentice (30–44), Masters (45–54), Grand Masters (55–64). 
ILCA 6 (Radial): Apprentice (30–44), Masters (45–54), Grand Masters (55–64), Great Grand Masters (65–74), Legends (75–). The best Lady will receive a price like any other age group.



Register yourself on Manage2Sail.com before July 24th 2024 kl. 20:00

Entry Fee is 50 euros should be paid to Nagu Segelsällskap bank account IBAN FI89 5560 0940 0015 80 / BIC OKOYFIHH on July 24th 2024 at the latest. Entry Feel for late registrations is 70 euros.

Participants shall be a member of the Finnish Finnish ILCA Federation or in the native country ILCA Federation. Every participant needs to sail with a boat showing an individual sail number.


Accommodation, charter boats and other information:

Webpage: www.nagusegelsallskap.fi, 

Info: Martin Forss, (martin.forss@gmail.com), mobile: +358 40 779 6266. 

ILCA boat charter: Tore Kindstedt (tore.kindstedt@gmail.com) mobile: +358 50 64 571


Walking distance.CompanyAddressWWW
    XHotel Strandbo (NO VACANCIES per 6.3.24, please check)Nagu strand, Naguhttp://www.strandbo.fi/hotel-strandbo.html
    XHotel Lanterna (NO VACANCIES)Parkvägen 5, Naguhttps://www.lanterna.ws/fi/
    XKöpmansStrandstigen 3, Naguhttps://kopmans.fi
    XMajatalo Martta (LIMITED VACANCIES per 7.6)Kyrkvallen 6, Naguhttp://www.majatalomartta.fi

Gammelgård Resort (VACANCIES!)Norrstrandsvägen 217, Naguhttps://gammelgard.fi

Hotel Stallbacken Nagu (LIMITED VACANCIES per 7.6)Grännäsvägen 14, Naguhttps://www.hotelstallbacken.fi

VästergårdsGyttjavägen 29, Lillandethttps://www.vastergards.fi/contact/

Villa VintageKäldingevägen 1, Naguhttps://villavintage.fi/pages/loppis-kirppis

Tackork Gård&MarinaTackorkvägen 31, Naguhttps://tackork.fi

Kirjais Nature Inn & VillasSarviksvägen 31, Lillandethttps://www.kirjaisnatureinn.com/?lang=fi

Oak Tree Cafe B&BSandnäsintie 6, 21650 Nauvohttp://oak-tree-bb-cafe.business.site

Airbnb"Nagu" or "Lillandet, Pargas, Finland"https://www.airbnb.fi

Finlands Skärgårdsbokning+358 2 410 6600, info@saaristovaraus.fihttps://saaristovaraus.fi